Never Give Up Day

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Date: August 18, 2022 – August 18, 2022 (Repeats Every Year)
Time: 12:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Address: Regina, Saskatchewan,

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The City of Regina Proclaims August 18, 2022, as Never Give Up Day

This August 18, the City of Regina proudly joins community members celebrating Never Give Up Day and has proclaimed August 18, 2022, as Never Give Up Day.

Never Give Up Day is a global celebration day focused on cultivating a mindset of determination. The mayoral proclamation signals the city’s role in recognizing the importance of never giving up and invites its citizens to make this day a springboard for awareness-raising actions. The day provides a common platform for health and social care providing services, associations, NPO’s, charities, sports teams, tourism and businesses in their efforts to establish a call to action.

Many philanthropic causes have dedicated awareness months or days to hold their call to action or fundraising, but few can engage so much attention, touching so many hearts, and connecting so many people to the same degree as Never Give Up Day. The day not only applauds those who were able to transcend their failures, but also encourages those who go through a process of struggle or recovery.

Never Give Up Day is a day we convince ourselves and the world that we are strong, determined and able to achieve our goals. Whether it is reaching your dream or fighting illness. Whether financial foes cause you stress and despair or relationship tension negatively impacts your emotional and physical health. Whether it is hard to get over someone you’ve lost or hard to do when you’ve been let down and left out. Whether today signals the beginning of a new battle or another milestone being celebrated, Never Give Up Day is a perfect day for acknowledging the resilience and determination of all those who (must) never give up

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I interviewed my dad on video in his final weeks. When I asked about his work and finding meaning through helping others, he responded, “I don’t think you can be focused on, ‘Oh gee, I want to make a difference.’ It has to be spontaneous. If it’s not…there’s some kind of egotistical thing going on. That’s a red flag. You hope you impact people on the deepest level you are capable of at the time. Sometimes you hit it, sometimes you don’t. You’re trying.
Lisa Shannon, A Thousand Sisters: My Journey into the Worst Place on Earth to Be a Woman

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