CPRS Regina

Organization Type: Other Nonprofit
Address: Regina, Saskatchewan
Contact: Lara Kuntz
Phone: 639-590-4092
Website: http://cprsregina.sk.ca

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CPRS Regina is one of 14 local societies that is part of the Canadian Public Relations Society across Canada. The value of CPRS Regina, as a membership organization, resides in our professional evolution using the four pillars of Community, Collaboration, Conscience and Careers.  For more information, please visit cprsregina.sk.ca 



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Director of Professional Development

Organization: CPRS Regina
Category: Boards / Committee / Leadership
Description: CPRS Regina is looking for a Director of Professional Development to join our Board of Directors. CPRS Regina Board of Directors are required to be CPRS Regina members; however, outside …Read More
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Regina, Saskatchewan

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