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Address: 2400 13th Avenue, Regina, Saskatchewan S4P 0V9
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We are currently recruiting volunteer mentors for the YMCA Plusone Mentoring program. With the objective of building strong communities, the YMCA has launched YMCA Plusone Mentoring. By developing the social skills of youth participants, and empowering them to find renewed aspirations the program intends to help young people reach their full potential and orient them towards a sustainable future.

Who will you mentor? A youth in your community who is between 10 and 17 years old and shares interests with you.

Duration of the relationship: 1 year

Frequency of the meetings: On a weekly basis (2-3 hours/week) for the first six months. Afterwards the frequency will decrease gradually up until the one-year mark.

Where? At your local YMCA.

What will we do together? Participate in sports, leisure, and capacity building activities that you will choose together.

Goal of the meetings: Support the development of the youth while having fun.

What can you bring to a youth in Plusone?

  • An example of a responsible and caring adult
  • An example of an individual who perseveres

Support and training: Prior to and throughout the mentoring relationship you will be trained and supported by a program Support Worker who is qualified to intervene with the youth and their family as needed. You will also be asked to identify your own personal objectives for the experience and you will be supported in attaining those objectives by program staff.

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2400 13th Avenue, Regina, Saskatchewan S4P 0V9

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